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Boom! Revived from beyond the grave! My second monitor cycles a bunch of zelda and megaman wallpapers.

Edit: Would help to have the picture xD
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Wallpaper: Summer Palace, China (I've been there)
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I use the stock wallpapers, unless I'm looking for graphics and come across something I really like. I don't show the plain desktop because it's cluttered.


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Games: Arrow Mania, Breakout/Outbreak, Water Drop


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Johnny Turbo's Surgery Frenzy


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I love avocado.

Mayo is pretty good though but it's not as good as avocado.

Max Finch

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Good ol' Oregon wallpaper for me.


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lol good desktop thege.
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I use Nimi Places and RainMeter . The BG cycles every ten seconds to one from some huge file i dump them into :P

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Icons are homemade, current BG is not.

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Here's mine. Sorry I haven't been posting much around here, I'll probably get things rolling again when I re-familiarize myself with Stencyl.
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Warzone Gamez

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Festive Ludum Dare wallpaper!
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