Post Your Desktop!


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Finally changed mine again after like 2 months of some picture that isn't good for wallpapers that I felt like using.

Felt like a Mario wallpaper.


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Awesome Mario wallpaper!


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hello this is my desktop i hope you nejoy


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I love the textured background.

"Find the fun"


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Had this one for a very long time


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I love this wallpaper.


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Its great idea. I took a screen shot of my desk top and tried to post the image. But something  went wrong and I have no clue why this happened. Please you guys guide me so I can share the screen shot of my desk top. :-[


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I just changed my whole desktop yesterday right after my Spring cleaning. n_n  Uninstalled stuff I don't use and other such cleanups - ended up freeing 20gb!

Happy Springtime! :D

Wallpaper: No idea, found it on Tumblr I think.  It's a scan of a sticker sheet based on the Sheep Garden print by Angelic Pretty though.
Icons: Whan-Yen Icon Set by Raindropmemory (almost invisible against the background, but unobtrusiveness is the whole idea)
Cursor: PiNk. by Kittenbella
Visual Style: Pastel Memories by Raindropmemory (I love this man)


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haha funny thread!


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Yep, it's batman


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Sorry, I'm from Spain, so I have the computer in Spanish :P
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