GravCube [iOS]


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Here is the description:
In this space-themed puzzle/action game, you navigate through more than sixty unique levels, evading homing missiles, gravspikes, and bullets along the way. Navigation is composed entirely of switching the pull of gravity so you can fall up, left, right, or the traditional down.

Perfect for kids, gamers, or bored physics majors, GravCube features 68 highly addicting levels, 44 of which are tied into an epic storyline. There are also 24 Freeplay levels with four modes of difficulty. Sure to keep you playing for hours, GravCube will warp with your perception of gravity while at the same time keeping the controls simple and easy.

Remember: Not everything falls down.

Here are some screenshots:

I'm only 13, so it would be helpful if you buy it. Trying to get a computer for high school!