Humble Indie Bundle 3 - Support Indie Devs, Support Charity!


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For those of you who may not have already heard, the third installment of the Humble Indie Bundle is available for a choose-your-own-price purchase! Out of of the games, I currently only have Cogs already (a good game too), so I'll almost certainly be getting a set of the rest to go along with my current Bundle 2 (+1) collection.

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How wierd,  was just looking at this a few days ago. *buys it.


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I posted this thread on my Stencyl forum on reddit. Hopefully that will help, and if  you could all also visit it that would be great.
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Nice idea, always wanted that crayon game. Will have to look at buying it at the weekend. :-)

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I bought this on day one. I had been wanting Crayon Physics Deluxe for a long time, and I had seen VVVVVV before but did not really know what it was. They are both awesome and the other games are good too. I wish I had gotten the first two bundles too, but I did not hear about them in time. In fact I just stumbled on the Humble Indie Bundle #3 when I was googling for some action script tutorials. Remember the more you pay the more likely they will continue having these awesome bundles. Also if you tell all your friends, this could be the most successful Humble Bundle yet.

They just announced every one who buys Humble Indie Bundle #3 can play Minecraft for free until August 14th!


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I purchased the first two bundles and will be doing the same with this one. It's a great (and fun!) way to support a noble cause.


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I heard VVVVVV was amazing, I got it. Payed 100 dollars for it with the pay what you want.
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The humble bundle is a really great buy - I'd highly recommend it. Have all 3 of them :)


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I purchased 2 copies of the bundle; one for me (£10 well spent, i must say!), and one for my team-mate ( another £10 to charity!)!

The Humble Indie Bundle is a great idea. Maybe we should try and get a Stencyl game in HIB4??? ;)