How to check which item has been successfully purchased


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Hi There,

I am trying to figure out which code blocks to put together in order to ask the system which In app purchase item has just been successfully purchased. All I am using now (stencyl 3.0) is use the codeblock IF [purchased product with ID: A] and then tell it what to do. If that right? or does it require a True/false somewhere in the codeblock? What I am really trying to do is get the system to say... if A is bought do this, if B is bought do that. I would really appreciate any help I can get.




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The topic is old but no reply and as I see the problem not changed in the last year. Can anybody answer it?
No point to use for check "IF purchased product with ID:XXXX" because if once someone purchased that it will always flaged as purchased for consumable as well...So any working solution?


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That's why you have to "consume" or "use" the purchased item before you buy another one