crash course 2: no collision with enemy ship?


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I'm on a Mac, just completed crash course 2.

all seems fine, except: there are no collisions with the enemy ships.

when I checked the events (actor type) tab under bullets, all is as it reads in the tutorial
(when self hits a enemy ship, 1st actor/actor of type kills self)

yet the enemy ships do not light up or get hit/destroyed.

what did I miss?


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I am having a similar problem. I do get explosion sounds when the bullets hit the enemy ship. But there is no reaction from ship even after being hit multiple times.


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i know these are old posts but in case someone else faces the same problem

Justinsegal, i would suggest to check your settings and see if the collision setting are ok.
Bullets must collide with enemies. and enemies with bullets.

And for jcontorno,
i guess something is wrong with your health points. Your collision works all right as you say you get explosion sound but probably your health points dont get down with every hit or you dont check right if there are no health point left
check again