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Hi Im kind of new to Stencyl but anyways, I am creating a project called Generation X on a site, it would be pretty awesome if people here could help out by making floor tiles, structures and all that... There are about 6 people in the team so far and the game is looking good aswell. If any of you would want to join then please say so! :)

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You should give us an idea of what you're working on, rather than a title and a link to another forum.


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I think it's rude of you to post this in Game Ideas, mainly when the whole project is not being developed with Stencyl. At most, it would be acceptable in Chit-Chat and still...
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i didnt know. so sorry. The game is rpg styled game. most of the game is going to be open-world but not the start. Im going to remove the link to the other forum actually. I need someone whos willing to make tiles ect for us. If im not allowed to share a game made on another website, someone tell me cause i dont want to make this look like spam.

Story and overall game will be moderately long. Its also one of the main key elements in the game. Gameplay will be traditional RPG-style ( get experience, defeat monsters & enemies, clear dungeons )
There will be about 13 main playable characters to play as, unlocking them will be to go advance through the story.

If you'd like to join, then post it here.

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The point Alexin was making is that this forum is meant for Stencyl-made games. It doesn't have anything to do with it being on another website.

Furthermore, if he told you this wasn't the right place for it, why would you continue plugging it anyway?
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Because I was replying to Martian?

Well, I was assuming you were working with Stencyl. If that's not the case then it wouldn't be appropriate to showcase it here and expect to get others on board.