iOS Game selling.


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I was wondering, is it possible to sell your game to someone with stencyl mobile who can publish it?

Let me elaborate upon this. What I plan to do is to make a good quality iOS game but due to lack of funds I have two methods to get it to the app store.

Here is my first method:

1. Publish a flash game with all of the features that the game will have.
2. Polish it and call it the completed game.
3. Attempt to sell it so that all rights and art belong to the person who buy it. They will be sent the Stencyl file and can then publish it to the app store using their own Apple develepors liscense and Stencyl account.
4. Once I have the buyer send the file to them and get payed through pay-pal.
5. Let them publish it to the app store and make any changes to the app in Stencyl and get all profits.

I was wondering whether this would seem appealing to anyone with Stencyl mobile? if not I will probably have to use method two.

Here is my second method:

1. For a game that will be paid on the app store - set up a kickstarter page for about a week (or any time that suits me).
2. Set the goal to about £300, this kickstarter will be to publish an already finished game onto the app store.
3. For the goals, for a £1 donation, you get the app free, get access to the full .swf version and get the full soundtrack.
4. Once it is over, if it worked, buy an apple develepors liscense and Stencyl mobile.
5. Publish to app store and fulfil the kickstarter.

If I were to use this I probably would put out a demo flash version so people can decide whether to support.

Personally I prefer the second option, but I would like to know if it is likely to work (anyone with experience with kickstarter could help). Also I would like to know what any develepors think about buying a game straight out of the box and buying the rights to make money out of it.


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While your first suggestion sounds ethical if proceeded in the manner you stated (using a prof lawyer) i personally don't think it should be allowed because this could be open to abuse in the future with people submitting others peoples work to the IOS App store who don't have the legal authority. If disputes get out of hand with things like this i could see Apple possibly blocking all Stencyl Apps so i would say a big no.

Go with no. 2 if you can use kickstarter and keep all rights to your game.


I feel like i'm stuck in groundhog day - same code, same pc, same shite... no retreat, no surrender yaa !!!


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Ah okay. So no to number one as it could end in bad aftereffects.


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Depending upon the nature of your game, you may be able to first create an online flash version (non-ios) of the game.  If you publish that on a site like Kongregate, you can see how successful the ideas are, get revenue, and advertise the mobile version.

Of course this is not feasible for a game entire reliant on a touchscreen and gyroscope, but I think most game developers use the funds from their flash version to fund the licence.