Collision Detection Not Detecting


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Hi There,

In my new game it seems I am facing an issues with collision detection and I would really appreciate any advice I could get:)

1 - Collision Detection: As mentioned by others in the forum I have placed my "Tile" as an actor so it can self replicate. I have defined the collision points on the "tile" actor, and have set both the player and the actor in Collision groups which are meant to collide... I have also placed for both the player and the tile actor a {When Created -> Enable continuous Collision} block and I have selected it in both actors' properties. Though, for some reason, it seems that the actors do not want to collide. For some reason when the player comes in contact with the tile actor he goes straight through it as though nothing is there. Whereas, on the tile actor's front, I have set a block {always -> push object xdir [-1] ydir
  • } which seems to stop when the player passes through.


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Make sure your actors are not set as sensors!
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Hi there,

I just double checked and neither actors had sensor behavior activated, though, I just realized it may be better to set the ground tile actor as a sensor behavior. Since it seems everytime both objects collide, the ground layer stops being pushed. Yet I am still facing the problem that when the player collides with the ground layer actor, the player passes right through it.