Feebow (Work in progress)


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Hey y'all

We have been working hard on creating an attractive platforming game which we will later release on IOS and android but were still time away from that.

Anyway if you are interested here is build. Like I say it is still early and missing touches here and there but youll get the idea.


Let me know what you think

Addressed the bug where win animation would play but game wouldn't progress.
Added more levels
Updated some graphics
Small gameplay tweaks

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Please attach screenshots on this page :)


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Couldn't continue past level 3 - the end level 'jump/spin' thing happens but you just sit there and that's it, unless there's only 3 levels in this wip? but it doesn't trigger the change to next level if there is more.

Found the players controls/movement felt a little slippy at times to me, kept falling off ledges when I jump.

On level 3 (as that's as far as i could appear to go) - I found myself doing 'leaps of faith' in places - even though there are arrows pointing where to go, i was still doing a little guess work as to where I was going (to land) next. Though I  guess that may well be intentional?..

Player death seems a little gruesome for an attractive/cute platformer? :D Or maybe that's just me :)


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Yeah was going for a little bit gruesome with the deaths but not sure why you couldn't get past stage 3, there are around 9 stages in this demo but I will  have a peek, I might have unticked something or missed something. To try and avoid as many leaps of faith I'll go through and add a few more floating islands. I'll also increase the friction a tad.

Thanks for the feedback!


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You could change the background mountains to a background layer with a different parallax speed, to achieve a better depth effect. Controls aren't very precise, anyway.


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If I put movement in the mountains, they would be moving even when the character is going backwards or stationary but I might try movement on the sky and that could add some depth. What do you mean the controls aren't very precise. it is been designed as a mobile game and each edge of the screen is an on screen button.


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Pretty Cool Game. In guess your sending a message about how life can be so good yet so bad with the little little flurry fluffy animal exploding like that. Aww, the art of expression. Well maybe Im looking to deep.  Either way. Pretty cool Game. I jumped past that spikey tree barrier but still smash to bits once I get pass. But thanks again for sharing. Keep creating. :D


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Thanks for your feedback. Yeah if you get to the end of the level without finding all the gems then you will be killed. I think I should make that a bit more clear somewhere so other people dont do the same. I think it was probably a bit more of a personal prefence to have a blood explosion rather than symbolism but I like your reading of it.