Create iOS games with Stencyl - (Launched on Dec. 15)


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This is amazing news! I will buy this as soon as it comes out so I can test all of my soon to be apps. Can't wait till Thursday!!!


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Well, looks like the perfect time to set up a Mac partition. :)


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Great news. If I understand correctly, I get 2 months free anyway if I buy before end of year. So we have a 3 week window to catch that deal.


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Wow, this is going to be awesome!


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Excellent news, and very fair pricing ! :)

Looks like I'm picking up a new iMac very soon too, so great news all round.

I did have one question though, that I didn't quite understand.

iStencyl Lite ( No Publish To The AppStore ), iStencyl Pro ( Publish To The AppStore )

So, you can't publish to the appstore at all with the Lite Version ?  What's the point of supporting iAds and GameCenter if you can't publish to the Appstore ?

Or is there something different that I'm not understanding, also with the Pro version, I can publish to the Appstore, is that through your account, or my own still ?



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You can test iAds and Game Center while on the Lite version.
On the Pro version you can publish to the App Store through your own dev account.
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149 USD = 491 PLN (according to google)= 95% of my monthly payment (540 PLN)... Not interested, sorry.

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149 USD = 491 PLN (according to google)= 95% of my monthly payment (540 PLN)... Not interested, sorry.

Still better than 1648 PLN...


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iStencyl (to me) seems like the best development environment for people designing games which involve physics. Working with Box2D/writing code to make your own pixel-perfect physics environment for your game can be annoying and time consuming.

If you create a game normally with iStencyl Free, can I still test it out on my iDevice? (Since you can't test the accellerometer on the PC) And will the code still work just as fine when I purchase the pro version so I can publish without the watermark?

I've read someone also that you can export the code into an xCode friendly format since iStencyl uses C++, is that true?


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Hiyo all, just so I understand, for those without a Mac atm;

I would have to send my app to the stencylworks server, then upload it to my apple device?

Would that be done within the program?


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149 USD = 491 PLN (according to google)= 95% of my monthly payment (540 PLN)... Not interested, sorry.

Darkhog, I'm sure you'll find that it is the equivalent of $12.42 per month. Or for me, £7.94 per month. Assuming a minimum wage of about £5, that's less than 2 hours work every month to pay for your iStencyl alone. Maybe 4 hours if you want to factor in Apple Dev costs as well? :)


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Not to mention changing exchange rates wreak havoc with international transactions like this anyway. I'm reminded of a recent piece of news I'd heard about...

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Finally! Can't wait to purchase it!  :D


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With a pc and iStencyl lite can you still get sent an installable version of the game to test?