Noob Needs A pixel Island For game


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Please Give Me A simple Island For A game. Thanks!!


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There are many issues with your post:
1. This should be in the art section, not here.
2. You have given no incentive to anyone to make you the island.
3. I'm guessing you haven't checked out StencylForge. There are tilesets in there that you could use to make your own island.
Don't look to me but rather to the One who is the reason for what I do. :)

If you need help, send me a PM. Even if I haven't been on in the forums in ages, I still receive those messages via email notifications. You can also reply to any of my forum posts, regardless of the age (especially if I created it), and I will likely reply.

If you want to see the programming behind certain types of games, feel free to check out my "Demo-" games on StencylForge (,16160.0.html)