blackops pc


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can you try my game please
blackops pc


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it's a good game ????


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Sorry, but the game is not very good right now, needs a bit of work.

What screen size did you use, it wouldn't even fit on my laptop screen!

I'm not really sure what is supposed to be happening in the game?

Some of the character animations are nice, maybe use the characters and make a side scrolling game or a platformer.


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You could add a direct link.
What's the point of the game? To move the robot over the zombie? Also, the screen size is huge. You must work a lot in your game, as in this stage of development I think it´s only a idea, not even a pre-alpha.


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I'm not trying to be harsh, but I agree with RENGAC. Also, be sure to use a small screen size if you're going to post it on Stencyl Arcade. I made that mistake and I can't go back without doing tons of repositioning.  :-[
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I'm sorry, but the only word that I can think of that describe it, junk. There's no point, and ... I don't know, what is is??? Its just a robot that you move, and then step on 1 guy. Sorry if it came out harsh ( well not much of a "if", it did ). sorry for being so harsh.
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where is the link