Would anyone be interested in a video tutorial series on how to connect your flash games to a database

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what the crap does that even mean?
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Stencyl database connecting (tutorial series)


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Would any of you guys actually watch a series on how to connect your games to an online server/database. I've had to learn the hard way and would have loved for someone to put some stuff out there for me to learn off of. What this allows you to do is extremely vast, but for starters: import online levels, create multiplayer games, connect with facebook, send emails , user level editor, user submitted input from in game, user accounts, ect.

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If you did this I would love you.


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there isnt that much support for the idea though.
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i guess it might be past the scope of alot of Stencyl users once you need get your fingers dirty with PHP, MySQL and the like but i'm sure there are some who could benefit. heck with all the online services out there these days maybe as simple as adding a URL with GET ? i'm open at ways to improve and learn new things.

I feel like i'm stuck in groundhog day - same code, same pc, same shite... no retreat, no surrender yaa !!!


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Would very much welcome it. I have a game I'm planning out that would need that. Very kind of you to offer to do that for everyone's benefit.


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I think that would make a great tutorial.
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This would really be useful where I´m going with my apps. :)
Most generous of you!


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This is one of the areas I am severely lacking in knowledge! If you could do a tutorial would be greatly appreciated!

There are so many things I would use it for, but it seems out of reach at the minute as I wouldn't really know where to start!


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Well, in that case, I may try to get together some stuff. It may take me a bit beings I'm quite busy with college though. I am by no means a pro at php, but I can provide some starting points to accomplish some of the tasks I mentioned. Like he mentioned though, if you really want to get serious in the area of game connectivity, you need a firm grasp on php as well as knowledge in mysql database. A lot of times, if you are in college or are planning to go to college, you can pick up a class in both fields.
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It is definitely something that I am very interested in.

My needs are rather simple and so I've found this API for Google Docs spreadsheets that lets to read/write from Stencyl using GET/POST blocks. I haven't done it yet, but it looks doable without too much difficulty. If it is as simple as what is in my head, it might satisfy what some Stencylers want without going the php route.