Tim And The Ants (Working Title)


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I kinda stayed away from the forums a bit cuz i dunno know, so i guess im back now :D

The little boy tim and his little fox owns a small caravan.
Tim dreams under the tree about a place where everything is tiny and insects are the same size as humans.
And one day he wakes up and finds himself as tiny as the little ants he dreams about!
When he finds a small village, the frightening villagers tell him about a creature that has cursed them with evil.

Its now up to you to save the little village, and find out how you got there in the first place!!
And of course find your damn fox

I thought the combat would be something like Pokemon, Earthbound etc. And that you walk around in a 2D while moving like something from Castle Crashers
I want to put some humor and stuff to it, but also in beauty and peacefullnes, completely unvoiced and dialouges like old Sega games, i have a great vision about this game and this was one of the first ideas that came up in my head when i started to think about game development.
The whole concept is about something i actually always dreamed about, of course i did not have a fox or caravan, but it adds something to it that the boy is an orphan

The design and stuff like that is up to my partner Sixtis, and well have a chat about it.
This is definetly one of the ideas that i actually want to develop into a real game :D
alright more about this little idea later.
Feedback is always appreciated, and i want to know what u guys think :D
Well, you should not be reading this, if you want too alright but dont blame me.

I used to be an adventurer like you, then i took two barrels, damn i dont know. Skyrim is complicated, beside that im a mage, cuz im always a mage.


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The storyline reminds me of a bunch of books I read in elementary school mixed together.  I think it would be a pretty good game, and it reminds me most of Pikmin.  That fox better be adorable.


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Seems like a cross between The Grey Rainbow http://www.kongregate.com/games/BlackOliveGames/the-grey-rainbow (or perhaps The Trader of Stories with the folk surreal and caravan) and the theme of William and Sly http://www.kongregate.com/games/Kajenx/william-and-sly.

How would it be possible for this to go wrong? I mean even trolling the audience a bit, I doubt you could do anything to make it not work, unless you don't make it.
I would suggest anime style dialogue:

...or third person in game bubbles instead: