Where are you from?


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Scarborough, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom


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I believe that is none of your business.
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Hertfordshire, UK
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New York, New York (United States).
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Finland                  .


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USA / NYC (Queens FTW!)


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Contrary to my name I actually live in Chatt town, Tenn.
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Contrary to my name I actually live in Chatt town, Tenn.
I actually live in Glasgow, Scotland.


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Noriwich, England


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Germany, near Göttingen.

I think it would be great if someone could add a poll to this thread where everyone can "vote" for his/her homecountry. So its possible to instantly see where everyone is from. This would make this thread a lot more useful.


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Yeah that's what this thread needs, a 196 option poll.

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I'm from New York. :I


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I am from the United States. That is all.
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I'm from Norway, somewhere near the middle but a little further west ah who cares xP