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Because Stencyl 3 uses HAXE now, can it export to C#, so I can test it on PS vita?


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I'm not sure if the Vita detects the same keystrokes/touches as ios or PC.  It's also possible you'd need to buy a Developer License like you do with Apple.  Also, Stencyl 2.2 is the highest free version of Stencyl at the moment.


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Actually the PS Vita can detect touches normally as IOS(I assume) , and he'd need to buy PS Vita dev kit not just license , or become a PS Mobile licensed developer (you can sign up for free and receive the SDK )
but the question he asked was "can it export to C#?"
because the SDK work with C# only , if I'm not mistaken


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No, you can't export to C# using Stencyl.