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I just finished my new game called Dojo Dodger! Using the arrow keys, you must navigate through a dojo without hitting any boundaries. However, the catch is, you aren't able to stop, so you must time your turns in order to dodge all the boundaries and traps, and collect the keys!

Arrow keys to move
Click the "R" button in each level to reset
Click the "Q" button in each level to quit to menu

It also has an 'endless' mode, but its pretty tough. So if you have a history of breaking computers while raging, I suggest not trying it :D

I tend to make games that people either love or hate, so I would appreciate all constructive criticism, comments, suggestions, and the like.


Either play it here on Stencyl:

Or here on Kongregate:

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It was alright. Got stuck after the first level of the 3rd world, couldn't go to the next level.  Endless mode also stops randomly at the black blocks, I thought this was a finished game? Maybe i'm missing something?

The black blocks seem to clash with the other blocks. The others don't really have any shading, but the black ones do, pretty inconsistent. It also seems to be Pillow Shaded, last time I checked, Pillow Shading was looked down on.

The game is pretty bland and empty, just long corridors with not much going on. The levels were made  of just one block tile and the only object I saw were some spinning blade thingies and keys.

I don't like how you had diagonal corridors while allowing the player to only move in four directions, made them unnecessarily hard.

The obvious lack of music and sound effects.

I died at the begging of the third world and turned red, made it real hard to see on that red floor...

Seeing your second post, I wasn't sure if you meant deleting that post of getting rid of the topic, but I deciding to give feedback anyway.