some questions related to steam and online


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I want to know if it is possible to do Online 2 (players only) multiplayer without hosting a server . Via steam Friends ... P2P , I know it involves coding but is it possible to connect it with steam ?

2nd question is related to steam too .. is it possible to make leaderboards which includes the highscores|fastest players list , based on their steam accounts ?

3rd question is it possible to add steam achievements to a game (.exe) made with stencyl ?

finally it's easy and possible to make in-game achievements and unlockables , right ?

I know ! a lot of questions , but I really need to know  .

thank you in advance .


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To answer your last 2 questions, Steam provides an API that allows you to get various bits of data via a web service (http, returning data in JSON):

That seems to have a number of ways of getting information about users, achievements etc. I haven't used it though, so I don't know what exactly you'd need to do. From what I can see though, you can only get information, not set it, so you could display achievements, but not create your own.

Generally though, if you want to access Steam's services, you're probably better off using the Source engine, since it has everything built in. One way to get started would be to mod an existing game. I'm sure you could do it in Stencyl, but it'd be a lot of work. Another alternative would be to use Google Play Game Services ( which is going to be a lot easier to integrate with Stencyl.




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Thanks for answering my questions ...

I'm planning on getting the game published on steam (where the real sales are :P )
so i think i'll just skip the achievements part (and make it in-game ones)

thanks again .