Saving for a local game.


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I'm looking for a way to create save for a local game, I understand stencyl allow to store saved files on browser mode but what about a desktop version ?

What I try to do :

- I want the game saved after each completed level.
- I want the game detect if a special pick up item is taken in the level or not.

Is this doable ?


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I would love to know that too


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I'm not sure about Stencyl 2.x but in 3.0 it saves the games to:
~/Library/Application Support/[NAME OF GAME]/

If you didn't specify a name for your game in the settings window, it will create a folder called "My Game".

The path above is for mac OSX, I don't know the path for windows. It's a hidden folder on the mac so you might have to look for a similar hidden folder on Windows.

Hope that helps!


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Cool thanks you ! If anybody know if it works with 2.xx too ?