Background Setting Reversed?


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Hi There,

In my most recent project, I have created a background design which is 1919x640 (offscreen bounds of the scene are set to right being 600). When I place it in the level and [repeat background] is enabled with [horizontal scrolling] set to 2, the background acts abnormally. The background scrolls as it should, but it seems that only the segment that is already onscreen repeats (completely ignoring the offscreen part).  After a bit of experimentation I unselected the [repeat background] option, and it seemed to scroll fine, and it actually DOES repeat the background as it should have done with the repeat background option activated. Even though it is now doing what I need it to do, the fact that its doing it abnormally concerns me. I would really appreciate any advise or input on why it would be doing such a thing and how to possibly resolve it.

Thanks a bunch,