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This is a variant of FreeCell. The community also benefits from poker card assets and possibly tutorials.

  • Double deck.
  • 8 free cells.
  • Crowning. A new mechanic which replaces the whole foundation mechanic.
  • Tutorial for how to play.

  • Endorsement by 8 Suits
  • A big selection of FreeCell games including classic
  • Game numbers
  • FreeCell wizard for your own layouts and save to Kongregate Shared Content
  • Many other modes (for instance Rainbow Mode where all suits are different colors)

Here is a development shot showing the table.

sep 29: Found an issue with columns.
sep 27: (Re)found an issue with mouse selection.
2013 sep 26: Working on the logic of card placement.

If you have any wishes for the game, go ahead and post them. I will be actively reading them all. Thank you for your interest!

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