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The roughest of rough rough rough drafts:

Click to fly around and explore the tiny tiny map.  Clicking too close to an edge will cause the fairy to cease to exist, so don't do that.

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I absolutely love the colors and the art. I think the light opacity adds soo much to the effect.
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You can add "always simulate" to your fairy to keep it from vanishing on you, if that's a concern.

Note: I've not played this yet - I'm on my phone ATM.
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Thanks you guys!  This is a really really early stage in development and the art is little more than rough sketches.  I hope to refine it into some kind of really pretty landscapey gardeny foresty setting. :3

Thanks for that 'always simulate' tip, Hecate.  I've added that in SW, but is there any way to update the game's published page here?  Or do I just publish it again and delete the first page?


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When you hit Publish there should pop dialog with replace button. Click it.

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Cute graphics, the foregrounds give a very nice depth of field. :)
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The parallax scrolling creates an amazing effect - great job!


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The parallax scrolling creates an amazing effect - great job!
Thanks whole bunches! ^ 3^  Pretty parallax scrolling was the whole reason I started putting this together, is that weird?  I aim to have it looking more impressive once there are bigger scenes to explore and more stuff to fly around.