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I am in dire need of a ladder/climbing behavior.

I have literally no coding experience and the existing behaviors on the Stencyl forge just aren't working (i think i might of permanently screwed it up so i would rather not bother with them it anymore)

Just wandering if anyone could help me?




pretty please?  :)

Max Finch

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This is a pretty basic behavior, I don't know what else you're using but there's a possibility that you might get some conflicting problems. But it's worth a shot. Make sure your ladder is a sensor

To import this behavior you need to save this picture somewhere then click Import>(Select this picture).


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Hey thanks for uploading the behavior, but can you explain a little about how it's applied?

I've attempted to attach this to my player actor while creating a ladder actor (as a sensor in collision settings) but I don't seem to be able to get the player to climb up or down the ladder. Are there any particular physics that should be applied? particular collision groups the ladder actor should be assigned to?



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Can someone post a graphic on what the logic for ladder would look like?
I also could not find the ladders and waters pack on the forge site.