Seeking an artist for space flight shooter, revenue share.


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my last teamup failed after half a year, when it turned out that the artist I was working with had been giving me other people's art, while claiming to be the one making the art. I wont say his username to avoid blacknaming.

This of course leaves me in the awkward situation of having next to nothing to show for improvement over the last half year. luckily I had recently been toying with a side project that seems like it would make a decent game.

The Project:

here is a fairly easy sample level to show what I am talking about. pretty much all the coding is done aside from power ups, and future boss behaviors.

the graphics do not need to be 3D, they are only 3D in the sample because I am slightly better at 3D modeling than I am at drawing.

compensation: I don't have much money, so I can't afford to pay upfront but I can offer an even revenue share on ad revenue as well as any potential contest/license earnings from this game.

I am also interested in a long term teamup if we work together well, and am willing to work on your ideas as well as my own.

if you are interested, send me a sample of your work and an estimate on how fast you can work Comfortably. (it does nobody good to rush and burn out)