Voodoo Zombie is up! (in Canada)


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Hi there fellow Stencylers,

Voodoo Zombie, the first Stencyl creation from Out2Lunch and I, is now available on the Canadian App Store! You can get it here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/voodoo-zombie/id665324931

Voodoo Zombie is a sidescrolling brawler where YOU play the zombie. Beat up bad guys, eat their brains to get bigger & stronger. Go too long without brains, and you'll power down again. Collect all sorts of loot to buy items that help you out, including magic potions that freeze your enemies in blocks of ice, or fry them to a crisp with bolts of lightning. If you die, who cares? You're already dead. Go to Zombie Heaven where you solve puzzles to win more cool stuff that'll help you kick more butt when you crawl back out of your grave for the next round.

We will be releasing worldwide once we work out the kinks, but for those of you who are not Canadian (most of you I imagine), it's a simple matter to create an alternate AppleID that's linked to the Canadian store, so you can still try it out.

You can also check out our blog at www.voodoo-zombie.com, where we'll be posting the trailer shortly.

Any and all feedback from the Stencyl community is more than welcome!



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Thanks to Jon and the Stencyl crew!  And thanks to all the Stencylers on the forums for all your help.
Clacky Train has been released worldwide on the App Store!
Voodoo Zombie's 1.4.1 update has more bosses and magic items on the App Store!
Here's the Launch Trailer on YouTube.


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Looks hilarious.  Can't wait to try it.  (love the music).

Why Canada?  Soft launch?

Are you planning to try Amazon Store?



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Thanks. Soft launch, yeah. We actually opened up today in the UK and Australia as well to get more data.