Server Fixes


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For about the past month, we traded in one server problem for another. Prior to September, the server had a penchant for going down a lot. We made some tweaks, and according to both user reports and some automated tools, downtime is much less frequent.

However, many of you may have noticed that certain site operations would appear to "freeze" - such as submitting a post, submitting a question on our contact us form and perhaps even making a purchase (unconfirmed).

My instinct was that whatever tweaks we made in September caused this, but in fact, it was an unrelated, internal setting change that caused that. Reverting that setting fixed the problem.

We apologize for all the trouble this has caused in the past month - it certainly pained us just as much as it's pained you.

- Jon


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Thank you, Jon (and team). I didn't even think to submit the forum post "freezing" issue which I noticed about 1/3 of the time. I hope it works! I will let you know if it keeps happening.