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Hello, stencyl community! I just wanted to announce about my game, Package!

This is the first game I've ever created, so I definitely welcome feedback. I'm currently in an intro to video games design class, and this was our second project. We had two weeks to complete this work, in addition to learning the basics of making games through stencyl.

For the most part, I'd messed with the events aspect for this game; I barely imported any behaviors from stencyl forge to make things happen. I think that many of my glitches are most likely due to that.

Thank you!!


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Video game design class...nice...some criticism then:

Graphics: Why the inverted buildings over the player (or the amount of text in the second scene)? Do they contribute to the game or do they clutter up the scene? That was the first thing that bugged me, even before I touched the keyboard. When I saw the tv intro I was impressed and was expecting a great follow up, but that was not my first impression (that's what really counts here).
Another thing that bugged me was the lack of paralax in the background. Using such a thing gives the players the illusion that they are in a real world and not inside a locked box.

Movement:  It's really hard to get a good feel for the movement. You use acceleration for the   player but when you land on a tile the speed gets lost. You´ll probably want to fix that in order to allow your players to get a sense of skill level as you progress and create more complicated levels.

Other: Players get bored fast, and using non skippable scenes will hurt your audience count. Every time I die I change tabs on my browser. Most players will just just quit because of that (and the horrible choice of cluttered backgrounds).

On the good side you have a good game that needs some tinkering with to make it enjoyable for a larger audience count, and if you stay away from premade behaviors you are on the right path :)

P:S. This is not a criticism post...just sharing a few tips :)
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