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I'm currently working on finishing up my game called Emerald Beach, about 90% there!
As soon as I'm done I'll be converting it to run on the Iphone.

Here's a poor man's mock up  :)

If you want to follow my progress please do @ www.bensimms.co.uk

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How many levels will there be? Let us know if you have some demo on flash. If it ever get ported to IOS, will it be a paid game?

I love the progress update on your site. It shows one's struggle but eventually get to a finished product. Make sure you backup your game often.


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Cheers, I'm glad my site is interesting enough for someone to actually read :-) I often wonder...

I always look at my web site as a sort of diary/reminder, I have a lot of things bouncing round my head and sometimes it's good to get it down and out and the web site is good for that but it's nice to know other people are reading it.
In release 1 there wont be any "levels" as such, the rate at which the gems are generated increases until they reach the top, so it'll be down to player skill as to how long they last. I'm hoping (though not committing or anything) but later down the line to have a "story" mode.

The story mode will have challenges, like collect 100 red gems, but that's a long way off yet.

I'm backing my game up everyday  ;) My dropbox is nicely filling up with versions, haha!

I'm hoping in the next week or so to get a working version up and running properly, without bugs and I'll post the link up asap.

I don't want to rush it though, if it's not ready I wont release it. Once version 1 is online I'll be tackling the IPhone conversion (though secretly I have already had a quick play and can see that controls are going to be an issue. I use 'mouseup' to make the crane move left and right, so I got to think about how I would do that on the Iphone)

Yeah I'm hoping to sell the game on the Iphone, if I'm happy it works and plays well without obvious bugs I'll be comfortable selling it!


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I saw this on your site a while ago, looks really good!


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Thanks Rhys, I'm really proud of it!


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Nice game, and the controls should fit well with any iOS device. :)
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I hope so, my only concern really is moving the crane left and right. Currently that's done automatically by the mouseup event so I'm going to have to re-think the controls for Iphone


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Touch and drag with some snapping might do the trick. You'd have to test and see for yourself.