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hahaha, how the hell are you doing that??

I thought at first it was a trick with clever tweening but then I hit the Flixel button and could see your rotating the whole screen in what looks to be true 3D. Nice one!

Honestly, I would love to know how you achieved that effect.

Also, I did get a black screen on my mac (Firefox and Mavericks) I had to reload the page to get to the menu.
Anyway love the look and feel of your game, I'll play it more when I get home (bit hard playing it discretely in the office :) )

Well seeing as there is so much interest on how I achieved this, I guess I will post my code.
Only I have trouble making head or tail of it at this point it's more of an untamed beast.

I started the room with a code block that read:

FlxG._game.rotationX = 0;
FlxG._game.rotationZ = 0;
FlxG._game.rotationY = 0;

This was to insure that the rotation reset when you restarted the level.

I used Boolean attributes with repeating time events to control which direction in was warping.
(it does have some randomness to it)

So I would have something like this for each direction I wanted to have it warp:

(Do every .1 sec)

(If "IN?"= true)

FlxG._game.rotationX = (FlxG._game.rotationX)+.5;

This process was just then repeated for each direction.

Anyway, not that hard to pull off, like I said it was a mistake at first haha.
But I hope you guys can use it in better way than i did!