Spine by Esoteric Software (Prototype + Sample provided)


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any one know if  AnemoneLabSNC  has moved forward with this? I'd love to use Spine in Stencyl - I already have a Spine license - it's great, but exporting frames to png is limiting.


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I too would really like an update. I want to use skeletal animation so I can have the player customize his character a little bit without having tons of sprites.


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This feature would definitely deliver message that Stencyl is up for effective game making.


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There's some news from AnemoneLabSNC? Buone nuove?


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There's some news from AnemoneLabSNC? Buone nuove?

@Jon said on his first post that@AnemoneLabsSNC already had a version of the extension, but duno where or if he is gonna publish it


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I'm considering learning Spriter or Spine, if only for making sprite sheets. Of the two is one more likely that the other to obtain Stencyl run-time support?

Any news about spine skeletal animation support?=(


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Stencyl and Unity each have their advantages. Gaining modular animation support, imo, would be a big advance for Stencyl.


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For those who are interested in Spine.

I am working on a engine-extension to implement Spine Skeleton by http://esotericsoftware.com/
I use the Spine-haxe runtime from https://github.com/bendmorris/spinehaxe.

It will be simple to create a Spine on a Actor with just 1 block.
There will be blocks available to manage the animations etc..

I hope i can share the first release next week.


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that will be really great, I wish this extension could be officially supported since it's too awesome of a feature to ignore :)


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This would be amazing!!


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I am very interested in this... but just a side question: is it possible to do something like 2D Animation in Unity editor? There is no skeleton per se,  but blocks of graphics could be manipulated in the same fashion as in Spine.
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Working on a example game Super SpineBoy (based on https://github.com/EsotericSoftware/spine-superspineboy) , hope i can share it all this weekend.