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Let's see if i can build something out of my Dungeon Generator Prototype.
I wanted to make a roguelike/like for a long time.

I made a mockup of what it could look like and you can take a look at the latest version here: http://tinytouchtales.com/prototype/endlessDungeon/
Right now you can click away walls, maybe i can turn that into a nice feature, like mining for gold or something.

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You continue to inspire haha, I went through about 10 levels and consistently found that I spawned rather close to the door otherwise it seems to work well. I love that going behind a wall causes you to lose your shadow, lots of depth! Good luck!


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Love the design choice and you have a skeleton for a great game! Awesome work man!


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Always interested with games like this for my phone.  :)


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updated the link above

+ added first monster type (no ai, but can kill you)
+ exit spawns away from player
+ improved the dungeon generation a little bit


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+ enemys have simple ai now
+ added a smother level transition
+ level and enemy spawn dependent on floor

next thing i want to finish is the core loop and then try out some stuff
with the mining and maybe some character progression.


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very interesting and original idea ! this could turn out to be a very cool mobile game


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after a day full of bugs, i almost got all the core systems running.
the game is not very challenging right now, that will change if i implement some more monster types. i added mining as a skill and you can now only mine tiles next to you (by clicking/taping). i also added a simple stat system as you can see in the ui.
health is your hitpoints, attack is your dmg, block is your chance to block an attack (not in yet), steps is the amount of moves you can take in a row and mine is the mining dmg you do to a tile (a std tile has 3 hp right now).
next step is to see how i can integrate the mining as a gameplay relevant feature. right now it doesn't serve any purpose other than skipping a move and "out smarting" the ai.

+ ui
+ basic stat system
+ basic combat
+ 4 classes (random right now)
+ mining (only tiles next to you)


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Ha! Nifty!

I will admit moving feels kind of lethargic and annoying though. Hopefully we'll see you take this somewhere great!
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I'm liking the aesthetic so far. The turn-based movement and attacks remind me of Ending. Interested to see where this one goes


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thanks, moving is turnbased so you can't move freely. i will try to optimize the smoothness of moving itself later. i played ending which is a great game. got some smaller stuff working today.


+ change the base resolution to iPhone 4 (game works now on 4th and 5th Generation screens)
+ block chance now works
+ mining a wall exhausts you for one turn
+ gold spawns and you can pick it up (no counter yet)
+ i added one enemy type the "big blob"

i have a whole day tomorrow to work on more stuff!
i hope i can make this a compelling game, right now the mechanics work, but the overall feel of the gameplay is somewhat shallow. maybe i can add/remove something that makes it interesting.


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I might be doing something wrong with the mining i just keep bumping into the wall and nothing happens?


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made some good progress today.
i think i finally found the solution to why the game was missing it's core gameplay. at first i had the idea that the player turns are somewhat variable. which means there would be normal characters who have 1 move per turn or a some who would have 2. this was leading into situations where either you where always a step behind the enemy (to hard/frustrating) or always on step ahead (too easy). today i came up with the idea to basically switch the amount of move per turn every other turn. which means turn 1 you can move 1 step, turn 2 you can move 2 steps, turn 3 1 step and so on...
this really leads into very tactical situations even with only the 2 enemy types that i have now, where you always be thinking about you next move. i will try to integrate some more enemy types now and if i manage to do so until the 15th i will have a small leveling system, where you can buy upgrades for the gold you collect.


+ removed mining
+ added new movement rules
+ added a movement display to see if you have 2 or 1 step this turn
+ added gold UI
+ added "end screen" with stats
+ added random chest which can hold between 5-15 gold
+ added teleport to exit feature when you have cleared a level completely (treasures/monsters)


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I think the game needs more contrast, especially between the floors and the white part of the walls.