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After using iStencyl for the past two I must say that I love the UI, how easy it loads and changes from a scene to another.

It's really impressive and I have to congratulate Jon and the rest of the team for all their hard work!

All it needs now it's a more complex help system, for example I have problems with moving an actor from Y position -100 (off screen) and to make it go to Y pos 400 (as he is leaving the screen) - I worked with different environments (SDK) and iStencyl is working a little bit different.

I will appreciate any suggestion on how to achieve that...

Thank you!


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If an actor goes offscreen it stops simulating to benefit performance. To stop this from happening use the "Make Self Always Simulate" block in Actor > Properties.


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Thanks for your quick reply, I will try it now.


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Did this work for you?


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Yes, it's working now. I still have some question regarding some basic functionality like how can I fade/interpolate the movement of an actor...