Super Eldritch Horrors


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Do you like Lovecraftian horror fused with 8 bit cuteness?
Did you see the gameboy colours in Sprite Something and think, "wow, they're awesome I wonder what kind of game you could make with those?"
Are you looking for a subtle blend of reaction time puzzles and pixely violence?

Well then

SUPER ELDRITCH HORRORS: Terror Under Overstone might just be the game for you.

As an unnamed lovecraftian protagonist sent to the small fishing town of Overstone your job is to investigate a sinister cult operating out of the local church. Descending into the catacombs beneath the structure you will initially run and hide from villainous cultists before gaining the means to fight back against the unnameable abominations underneath the town.

I feel I've talked my game up too much now.

I present to you my entry for Stencyl Jam #13 made in a far greater amount of time than it should have taken (totally not Stencyl's fault entirely PEBCAC) and still with a few rough edges behind its scrappy ears but replete with 70 levels, multiple enemies, giant boss battle and all mod-cons.

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The close collisions are frustrating.  I die even though there's no visual overlap between the player and other objects.


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I agree with rob the collisions are a bit frustrating, the game itself is fun tho reminds me a bit of a gameboy zelda game.
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The collision is pretty annoying. And the levels are VERY repetative. The game looks well made though.
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Rightio. I've fiddled with the collision for almost every actor. They were all square/rectangle before, now they're amalgams of circles. Makes it feel a lot less sticky hopefully.

Are the levels repetitive in a particularly bad way? I though I'd done okay at chucking in new stuff often enough for there to be a bit of variety.