Imported Sound has no sound?

I'm kind of new to Stencyl just so you know.

Okay so anyway, I was trying to add sounds and music to my game, but the playback button isn't playing the sounds nor music. I went to see if the sounds on the games already on Stencyl play, and they did, but not the ones I imported.

(The sounds are in MP3 format and the rate is 44100Hz.)

Can anyone help me? Also, I can't update Stencyl because I'm somehow not an administrator. (Stencyl is installed to an unwritable directory. Solution: Run Stencyl as an administrator. ) I DID, but it gave me the same message every time I try to upgrade. That's not the problem though, I just want to actually hear my sounds when I click on "Playback".

Oh and, I use a Windows 7 Machine.

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