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My entry to the Stencyl Jam is Run Pixel Run.

Run Pixel Run is a fast paced runner game taking place over short levels that require quick thinking and precision jumping to complete.

The game was built with IOS in mind (controlled using 2 invisible buttons on each side of the screen) but as I didn't manage to get it to a level where I would be happy releasing it, the jam submission is a flash version I threw together over the last day or so.

I intend to keep working on the game and hopefully release it with 70-90 levels and a few more block types sometime before Christmas.

Thanks for checking my game out and congratulations to anybody else who submitted to the Jam and thanks to the Stencyl team for hosting it.

Play Run Pixel Run here:

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Addicting despite the pixel perfect jumps. You also need a screenshot for your topic.


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Jump frequently did not work for me. In particular, I recall having to press it twice on Level 8 after shooting down the wall. Besides that, it's a rather nice game.
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First post updated with game info.


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Could you update your Stencyl arcade entry with a 120 x 90 logo? (It's currently the default joystick.)