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Play it here:

Description: Twinbots are little cloned creatures that share their minds, created by an unknown intelligence to experiment with. Help them through all test chambers in this puzzle-platform game!


Hope you like it!  :)


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Really good game!
But please add an auto restart function when one of the players die.


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One thing you might want to check, unless im seeing it wrong, level 27 - the box over the left of the screen, when it drops down through the portal, it gets stuck at the other side of the portal (near top of the screen).

Otherwise, I really like this one - probably my favourite jam entry.


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Great game.Nice and tight controls.This reminds me a bit of n+ (probably the scale of the character and the controls)

On level 15 I kept on getting stuck on the bridge I think it something to do with the collision boxes.
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Thank you for the feedback!  :)

@joewan: I hesitated a lot about auto restart because you don't always need every twinbot to be alive in order to beat the level... so I've just added a semi-auto restart. It will restart the level when there are not enough players alive to beat it (when there are more doors than players alive, basically).

@spoogob: Yes, sometime portals behave weird with boxes, due to their size I guess... but it happens a bit randomly (at least to me) so it shouldn't get stuck after restarting the level if needed.

@ridhwaan08: thats true, sometimes the player gets stuck in long bridges and has to jump to go on. It happens quite rarely anyway so I don't know why could it be


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It's a really nice puzzle game, and I see you have a 3.6 rating which for Kongregate is really good.  If that rating goes up a little bit you may be asked by Kongregate to add badges.

EDIT: It went down to 3.3 which is still good but no badges :(  Also your auto-restart doesn't work.

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Thank you Rob!

Yeah... I uploaded a new version with the auto-restart on time for the contest but I forgot to publish it!!!  :D ... I'll do it after the contest