Invasion Force


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Invasion Force is my tower defense game with resource gathering and management. Defend your kingdom from the forces of evil. Faceoff against 6 unique enemy's though 9 levels on 3 continents.


Gather resources

Build houses to gain population

Build Mage and Archer towers to damage and slow incoming enemy's

Build barricades on roads to slow enemy's

Dont let your castle fall!

The guard houses are currently not functioning don't build
The current waves were made in a HUGE hurry and most likely need to be adjusted for difficulty

arrow keys move around map
click to interact with trees, rocks, roads, and building icons

Thanks for playing :D


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This sounds like my sort of game! Look forward to playing it later!


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Thanks for your submission. Since we pull the Stencyl Arcade logo you provided to display in the game listing, you may want to provide something a little bit better/more attractive. Thanks!