People's Choice - Which entries do you like the most?


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Just out of curiosity and to spur on a little discussion, we're curious to know what your 2 or 3 favorite entries are.

On the judging side, it's wrapping up and will be announced next week.


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Endless Dungeon
Lumber John

Warzone Gamez

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I would have checked Stencyl every couple minuites all weekend if you didn't tell me. ;)

Like you won't be doing that anyway :P
I still am :P 
Just out of curiosity and to spur on a little discussion, we're curious to know what your 2 or 3 favorite entries are.

On the judging side, it's wrapping up and will be announced next week.

Endless dungeon
Mr. And Mrs Tart ( I don't know why, but it's just addicting )
Streets of Slender :P :P :P
I'm joking... The tower defense game is really good... That one would probably be on my list.

Other good games in my opinion...
Mine fall
Monster monkeys ( that one might make it on my list above the TD game)
Swinger was good
Greene wasn't too bad
Dungeon drop
Streets of Slender ( this time not as big of a joke )

I liked all the entries... It would just take to long to mention them all. :P 
Ps. I haven't played eye copter yet. But it looks epic. So it might make it to my top 3?

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I'd rather see everyone win a subscription just for the effort :)
(At least there would be more beta testers that actually finish (to a certain extent) a game with stencyl)
But judging and rewarding the winners are 2 separate things :D


Ok in reply to Jons post:

My 2 main favourites, are Eye-copter and Twin Bots. But I also quite like Minefall, Tiny Dangerous Dungeons, Lumber John and Catventures.

The rest all have their own qualities though too.

I was gonna enter this Jam myself, and actually threw something interesting together over a few days, but alas I got caught back up with my main game and so again missed out :D Good luck to all entrants though. 8)


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Little Big Cube and also REMUVER
Monkey Monsters it looks nice also.

Endless Dungeon i'm sure Arnold will make something good and sweet out of it.


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Tiny Dangerous Dungeons
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I haven't played all of them yet, but of the ones I've played Tiny Adventure Islands was my favorite. Eye Copter was also really nice.
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I know my game isn't polished or really fun to play at the moment, but I hope some can appreciate it's uniqueness. There's not enough Stencyl games that aren't platformers which I refuse to make. :)

My 3:
Tiny Dangerous Dungeons (ofcourse)
Mr. And Mrs Tart
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Tiny Dangerous Dungeons
∞ Dungeon
Little Big Cube

But everyone who participated did a great job and I feel bad leaving everyone else out of my list.


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I like:

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons
Good Boy Adventures - The Beginning
Little Big Cube


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My 3 favourites would be:
-Tiny Dangerous Dungeons   
-Infinite Dungeon
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My favorites:
- Mr and Mrs Tart
- Minefall
- Escalate

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Hi everyone!
My choice:

-Tiny Dangerous Dungeons
-Oh no...goblins!  :P


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Top 3
Tiny Dangerous Dungeons.
∞ Dungeon (I actually don't it terribly fun but it's kinda a technical marvel (IMHO anyway))

Honorable Mentions
Super Slider : Seasons (to be honest I can't really pick between this and minefall, they're both equally great)
Catventures (so much work clearly went into this)
All the games on FGL (they all look great but I've not got an account so haven't actually played them and thus can't really pick between them)


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Top 3

Escalate (never seen a game like this on stencyl, don't know how he did it!)
Little big cube