Stencyl Jam #13 - The Winners


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Wow! I was just hoping for an honorable mention. Good job to everyone who participated and thanks to the Stencyl Team for making a great product.
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Congrats to everyone, especially the winners!

I hope I do better next time.


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Congrats all. Some pretty cool entries in this. Very deserving winners.

Wow! I was just hoping for an honorable mention. Good job to everyone who participated and thanks to the Stencyl Team for making a great product.
Thank you for making such a great game! :)


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My guess was WAY off! I had Tiny dangerous dungeons #1... Eyecopter #2  Moster monkeys or Mr and MRs tart #3 I am quite suprised Monster monkeys didnt receive anything or honorable mention?

Thanks for your support ;)
Perhaps they only played the first few levels or didn't figure out how to play the game.
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And also, congrats to the winners!


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As one of the judges, I'd like to offer a few words…

Firstly, thank you to all those who entered; I enjoyed the judging process and was delighted to see so many high-quality games. Several times, I found myself having to stop enjoying myself so that I could get on with judging the rest of the games!

I was very impressed with the entries. Many of the games were presented very professionally; clearly the winners and many of those games that came to the top of the shortlist are either ready for, or are very close to, being put up for sponsorship (or other commercialisation), so well done.

Picking the top three was a very tough call and, as Irock stated, there was some debate required amongst the judges to finalise the winners.

For those of you in the 'Games we also liked' list, you were so close (really, very close), but we had to draw the line at three winners. I genuinely enjoyed playing most of the games; too many to mention in fact!

For those entrants who have not received a mention, don't be down-hearted (or offended); if we had mentioned all the games we liked, it would have been a very long list!

If you didn't enter the competition, then do try to play the games and learn from them. Make notes about what you do and do not like, and also have a look at the entry page in the forums for each game; many of them have discussions containing useful information about the development process, including ideas, problems, successes, etc.
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Well done to the winners and congrats to all who entered.


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Congrats to everyone!
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The results were about what I expected. There was some pretty high quality(and ambitious) stuff entered into this jam, as well as some games that just plain fun.  :)

 All the games may not have been of the same level of quality, but you tell there boat loads of hard work put into all of them.

This jam was an interesting experience, and I hope to enter another. It was quite the bit of fun.

A Toast! to all the entrants.  :)


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Blue Bit Games

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Great job everyone!


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I should have won.
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You should have entered :P

Also, your website link doesn't work.


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Good job for the winners!
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