Thankyou Stencyl for the Jam

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Thankyou Stencyl!!! This has really been a great experience for me! I've learned how to do new things and how add little things to make games better. The stuff I've learned during this Jam are going to help in all my future games. And it has really helped give me confidence, not only in Stencyl, but in real life. The Jam has actually brought me closer to my parents, because it gave me somthing to be excited about and to talk to my parents about!!! ( I have confidence issues and I pretty much stick to myself 24/7... And don't like being around people, even my parents). This Jam, I guess you could say, has changed my life in ways... Thankyou Stencyl for hosting this Jam! This is the first Jam I've ever entered, and I've had alot of fun doing this! I can't wait for the next Jam!!! I'm going to use the skills i've learned from this Jam, and make a epic game for the next Jam! I've had a blast doing this!
Now... I do have ONE complaint!!!
During the most jam time! I would only sleep 5 to 7 hours a night!!!!  :P :P :P ... I want you guys to pay me back for the lost sleep... You owe me over 35 hours of sleep!!! Pay me back somehow!!! I dont know how your going to do it! But do it! :P :P :P
Thanks alot Stencyl for hosting this Jam! :D
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Imagine Ludum Dare. 48 hours of jam, a lot of coffee and no sleep.