Build error: "Unable to build [appname]iphonetesttoMac"


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Hi there,

While trying to build the test app with Ad hoc profile, we're keep getting this error via mail after uploading the app to Stencyl (v2.2.0):

Check the attached text file for details. If the game built, verify that you provided a valid .p12 certificate, provisioning profile and Bundle ID.

There is also output.txt file attached to the email, but it's totally empty.

We've verified several times all the provisioning profile names and certificates, everything is properly generated and named. In the Stencyl settings .p12 certificate is uploaded and all the required fields are properly filled in the app settings.

Any ideas what may cause this issue?


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We discontinued the build service for non-subscribers half a year ago since this service is not going to be offered in 3.0 (in favor of local publishing), and in reality, almost all our customers have moved on to 3.0 now.

You should have received an e-mail stating that the service has been discontinued. Is that e-mail not arriving or did it end up in a spam box perhaps?

Edit: I just noticed that the e-mail was never being sent. Major gaffe there. It should now send out as expected.

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Yes, we never got an email about it.

So we need to go Pro to get early access to Stencyl 3.0 (as we can only download 2.1.0 and update to 2.2.0 afterwards)? Even test builds with Ad Hoc are available only in 3.0, is that correct?