Bug when switching between Pallete, Attributes, and Favorites


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When trying to make "Crash Course 2", I ran into a bug I think that might particularly have to do with my computer, given how easy it is to run into.

I was creating the code to move my ship left to right, and switched to the Attributes to set the speed (did not manage to, but I did later after restarting Stencyl). When I returned to the Palette tab, everything look normal. But when I scrolled up and down, some of it was filled up with some other part of the Stencyl UI (which I could not indicate). Worse, when I went back into the Attributes, and into Favorite, some of the parts inside the tabs (Attributes, Palette, and Favorite) was covered up by a mix of the surrounding interface, all fragmented looking, and covering anything that would be behind it.

It is sort of hard to explain, and I tried taking a picture of it with a button in Stencyl, but it only took a picture of the code I was making. I got the logs part, and another after restarting Stencyl, but it did not seem to do it anymore. But would the Logs happen to contain any data that might prove harmful, like my password? I am sure it doesn't, but just wanna be sure..
Computer Specs:
512 MB Ram (though specification finding software says around 900, guessing that is OS only RAM)
1.99 Gigahurtz Single core AMD 3400+ Sempron
Ati Radeon Xpress 200 integrated graphics
Windows XP 32 bit.
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You can press Ctrl + PrntScr on your keyboard to copy a screenshot to your clipboard. Seeing a picture would probably be very helpful. Personally, I'm not sure I can be much help, but it could make it easier on those who know Stencyl's deep inner-workings.
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I'm having the same problem. Here is a screenshot.