Unable to export SWF to the requested location. (Not a sound issue.)


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Ok so I am trying to open and export a project I haven't worked on in a while. (I may have updated Stencyl since then but I don't know which version I had before. I think it's also a file that I got from someone else I was working with, copied the directory structure over to my games folder.)

I am able to test the game correctly using the blue arrow button and everything works, but when I try to export to Flash, every time it gives me the "Unable to export SWF to the requested location" error notification. I've tried numerous locations on my computer, so I don't think it's a permissions issue, but I don't know. The error notification pops up as soon as I select a file location but before that it seems to export correctly.

I've attached the logs. If I need to attach the game to make heads or tails of this, ... well I guess I'll have to go in and make a zip file of everything, but it's pretty big right now so I might have to host it elsewhere.

Anyone got any ideas?