[Solved] Multiple-Scene Transitions


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Currently, I am working on a situation-based flash game in which choose-your-own-adventure-esque choices determine the levels/scenes to come.

I have one scene reserved for a specific cutscene, and I have multiple different scenes before it that can transition into that one cutscene-type scene.
However, I want it to be able to transition into different scenes after the cutscene, according to which scene preceded it.

Like, is there a function I could utilize on Events in which I could do "if [you came from (specific scene)]" then "transition to [specific scene]"?

Is there a better way of doing that other than having duplicates of the same cutscene for each specific outcome?

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I would probably get a game attribute to store which scene it came from.


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That works wonders! I can't believe that never occurred to me! Thank you very much for your help!