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I really like the game. It's well polished, fun, and engaging. It's kinda sad though. But I like the message the game has. (I had to rate humor low :P )

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I played with the one where you couldn't jump and completed it.
I also completed the illiterate one.
I gave up on spastic after going backwards for three levels in a row.
I also couldn't complete nearly blind.


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Thanks everyone.

Got featured on Newground's front page!


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- Added a way to restart with a different disability from the first room
- Made it so you respawn on the side of the room you came from
- Got rid of unintended annoyances while playing Spastic
- Added an indication right before a tic when playing Spastic
- Made lava bubble hitbox a little smaller
- Shameless self promotion links when clicking "A Game By Cory Martin"
- Fixed a typo
- Other minor tweaks
- Secret


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Once I started playing the game I liked it a billion more times than I thought I would. It has a really great atmosphere!!! I can't think of the right word, but the game feels um.... important/deep/artful.... something like that. =p

It honestly reminds me a lot of my own game that I started last ludum dare, mond cards. :p The (sexual) slavery thing, being told by powerful magical bad guys how crappy you are throughout the game, the dark moody atmosphere. Not that I think you stole from me or anything, I'd be surprised if there was an influence at all or if it's anything other than a coincidence, but there seems to be a lot of similarities that I notice regardless.


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After playing Mond Cards, I've confirmed that there are similarities and that Mond Cards is incredible.

You Are Disabled has gotten a good number of plays on Newgrounds (56k as of this post). I didn't expect that at all. There's been a lot of positive feedback and a lot of negative feedback, a small bit of which is actually useful.

Here's a postmortem if you like boring stuff or want to know what I learned:


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"Lava, lava, lava. There is much lava."
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