How to detect if an actor is inside a tile?


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How to detect if an actor is inside a tile like we can do for regions?
i need to set an atribute to true when an actor is created in a tile. But actually actors knows if they Hits a tile (no collison->collison) an does not know when hitting a tile (inside a tile colision)

Can you help me?
Thanks a lot!


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Do NOT PM me your questions, because I likely will not respond. If I have replied to your question on the forum, keep using that topic. Thanks!


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Thanks !
I guess this API do not exists on Stencyl 3.0 T_T


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All 3.0 questions should be asked in the 3.0 forum to avoid confusion like this.

The API does exist in 3.0 and is accessed via an extension (Settings > Extensions).