I need help with Crash course 2


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Hi,I am working on Crash course 2,the space invaders game. And i am to the part where you have to try out your background. I did everything before,and in the step that i needed the do. And every time I try to check the scene,three different maessages pop up. 1."the 'alien movement" behavior contains fields that are empty or filled with bad info.
2. the same thing,except with the"respawn after death" behavior.
3.same thing exept with the"health for player' bahavior.
what am i doing wrong? Can someone help me?? :'(


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That means that a variable in the behavior is either filled with irrelevant info, (ie. Number variable = "Hello World"), or they are filled with nothing at all. This is an easy fix.

After the error messages are closed, Stencyl should open the behaviors and highlight the bad variable(s) red. Then simply replace the bad info with correct info.
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