Question for creators of Stencyl


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Did you know what a powerful tool you've created???.... :)

Every day this application amaze me more and more, great conception and realisation, and when you will finish all that you plane, I think, Stencyl became very and very popular!


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Thank you Jon!
When I will publish my game, want to include big stencyl logo on start and include in credits all of yours names, all those who made this cool program and who makes great behaviors that helps me to learn how to design my own micro programs and blocks.
And ones again, thank you guys, keep up a good work, I think you are on the right way!
P.S. And if I ever will earn money on my games created with stencyl, some of it will be yours :)


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I need help, i want to make a title screen and self moving actor but i dont know how i have looked alot but cant find it plz help. :( :-\
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That really should go in the ask a question category. For the first thing though, download Gregs "Press or click to continue. Look at the code in design mode.
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