Jump and Run movement behaviour is buggy


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It doesnt register key press sometimes, why its ready to use if it doesnt always work, is there any way to fix this ?
Im new to this but seeing bugs like this in default behaviours made by programmers of the software themselves is discouraging a bit :(
I read in other jump behaviour that its because of delay or something, so code should address it before being available. anyone got this fixed ?

Well i discovered that all frames need to be the same size and collision as well then it works good which is logical but could create problems with some moves in non platformer characters...

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I think when it doesn't register key presses, it may be a problem with Stencyl itself, not just ONE behavior, in which case there's not much ANYONE can do about it.  I think there were similar issues when I was making a game that required precise timing.

Stencyl uses a 60 FPS system, which probably means that it's possible to press and release a key between a frame, where it would not be detected.

As for the issue you would have if you wanted to use different collision shapes, I would suggest choosing not to use premade behaviors.  I found that my ideas are so unique, it's often easier to code my own stuff rather than work around the inevitable bugs that come with modifying an existing behavior.